spring summer 2023

The psychology of fashion
fluid |inclusive | purpose

Our identity is in transition, as a result we see a new design language emerging in the field of fashion, design and lifestyle. The inevitable movement towards more diversity and equality in society is immediately reflected in how fashion presents itself, on the catwalk but certainly also on the street. What you wear, what you surround yourself with has a clear influence on your feeling & behaviour.

In addition, the pandemic revealed that our daily choice of clothing is determined by psychological and sociological aspects. We choose clothes because they comfort us, or because they make us feel stronger. Why do we choose what to wear, and more importantly, how can we consciously use our choice of clothing to influence our mood?

Finally, we need a new leadership role from everyone in the fashion industry to produce and consume clothes more in harmony with the earth.

In addition to this trend story at a social level, we show various fashion themes with, among other things.

  • fashion, design and interior
  • material & color inspiration
  • retail & marketing innovation

The philosophy of home
elastic | conceptual | transformational

We live smaller and more expensive, we travel differently, the train is our office, our office is our living room, things are made, bought and used differently and designers change with it. When does a house become your home? What is needed? Stuff has a practical and mental functionality.

You must be able to sit on a chair, but you also collect things around you that are memories. These new, almost nomadic, developments provide a new philosophy about our house and a new design language that invites more traditional creation, digital interpretation and sustainable implementation.

In addition to these long-term trends, we also show new shapes, colors and materials in the field of;

  • product design, interior & architecture
  • material and color inspiration
  • retail & marketing innovation

+ Consumer trends in tekst and images
+ 3 themes fashion en 3 themes interior
+ digital handout including pantone tcx numbers and inspiring visuals

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