WEBINAR: Lifestyle & Fashion trends (english) AW23/24


14.07.2022 | 10:00 - 11:15

Between past and future, matter and metaHow can we use our clothes in an endless loop? Let’s think about the afterlife of fashion. To be able to achieve this in the near future, a new approach is needed from both industry and consumers. New mandatory legislation is coming into effect soon in Europe and will affect the way the fashion industry designs, manufactures, markets and disposes of its goods and the impact will be huge.

Designers need to learn to think beyond just the look & feel of a product and include the impact on the planet in their process from the start of their concept. Consumers gain more knowledge and demand more transparency from brands and companies they buy from and develop a different taste that is expressed in a feeling for pre-loved, deadstock and digital fashion. In this way we connect old and new worlds in which craft and folklore are mixed alongside technological and digital worlds.

In addition to this trend story at a social level, we show various fashion themes with, among other things

  • fashion, design and interior material & colour inspiration
  • retail & marketing innovation
  • incl digital handout & color cards


- fashion trends | consumer trends | lifestyle trends
- Including digital handout with pantone tcx colors

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